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02.12.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda Tatarstan (newspaper, Kazan)
From K Desyatovs article, A Kazan singer surprises Moscow at the Magomayev memorial festival
12-year-old Nariman Sakhabiev sang at the Muslim Magomayev memorial festival in Moscow.
You will be an outstanding singer, Kobzon told the young prodigy. You have a big future.
The Kazan boy surprised Kobzon with one of his favourite songs, On the Swings, and had also prepared the dreamt-up little song from Magomayevs repertoire. Joseph Davydovich, the exacting chair of the panel, gave the young stars advice and pointed out mistakes after each performance. But he did not ask Nariman to come over... The lad was worried perhaps the famous singer had forgotten him. But it turned out that the panel judged the Kazan soloists performance immaculate!

03.12.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda (newspaper)
From D Smirnovs article The Little Blue Light from Start to Finish: The 60s. Raikin, Kobzon and Cosmonauts
KP has traced back the most popular New Years TV programme how it was born, lived and what has become of it. Today is the first part: the romantic 60s...
Year after year our country celebrated the New Year, saying goodbye to the past and welcoming new hopes, through the same programme, The Little Blue Light. Next year it will be exactly half a century since the epoch-making show was created on Soviet television. In the run-up to this date, KP has decided to find out what The Little Blue Light has been about all these years, what sort of light it has been throwing on the life of the country and what its audiences have learnt from it...
... Joseph Kobzon even back in the 1960s was virtually no different from what he is today. He was everywhere, singing about everything. Although he sometimes allowed himself to experiment: as, for example, singing the super-pertinent song, Cuba My Love!, Kobzon appeared with a beard a la Che Guevara and a machine gun in his hands!

04.12.2009 Kazansky Vedomosti (newspaper, Kazan)
From the article by Yu Grigorieva, Honour and Honesty Are They Synonyms?
This week, Moscow applauded the ceremony of awarding the Artyom Borovik Prize Honour. Courage. Mastery.
The awards ceremony took place at Alexander Kalyagins Moscow Drama Theatre Et cetera... The winners were welcomed and handed their awards by stars of Russian journalism and song, such as Joseph Kobzon with the group Respublica, Yuri Malikov with Samotsveti, Ludmila Gurchenko and Alexander Marshall. Masters of vocals (unlike the youngsters, Sogdiana and the Quatro group) sang live, which certainly speaks in their favour.

07.12.2009 Itogi (magazine)
From the first moment to the last
Vyacheslav Tikhonov, the universally adored Soviet film star, has died, aged 81. His vast acting career included more than 50 roles, among them Prince Bolkonsky in War and Peace, etc. But the country knew him above all as Stirlits Isaev... Tikhonovs last role was symbolic. In a film about Hans Christian Andersen, he played God, who is scripted as a man with a kind face and a nimbus.
Joseph Kobzon, the singer:
Tikhonov and I knew each other from the 1960s. We took part in mixed concerts at stadiums there was this practice of bringing together singers and actors on the same stage. As is well known there was no sex in the Soviet Union. There were, therefore, no sex symbols either. Otherwise Tikhonov would have been the first among them. He was adored. But of course we became really close friends at the shooting of The Seventeen Moments of Spring. I know that he was seriously ill in his last years. But in my opinion it was not his ailments that killed him but a lack of professional demand. He was not working for many long years and this hastened his demise. And this is very, very sad.

07.12.2009 Rodnoi Saratov
Valeria has become the singer of the year
Joseph Kobzon was the first to congratulate her. Valerias teacher came on stage and handed the prize to her.
A gala concert, The Song of 2009, took place on 6th December at the Olympiysky venue. Valeria has won every Song of the Year contest since 1995. This time she sang Lyubashas song, No One Like You. As soon as she finished singing, Kobzon mounted the stage. This was a complete surprise for her. Her teacher handed her the Klavdia Shulzhenko Prize as the Singer of the Year. Incidentally, Valeria had already got an award for this song. She was handed the Golden Gramophone Prize on 28th November at the Kremlin Palace.

08.12.2009 Medved (magazine)
From the article by B Minayev, Gradski Has Completed The Master and Margarita.
Gradski has completed his opera The Master and Margarita. He spent 30 years working on it, putting the score together, and seven years recording it. It was sung just in time for his jubilee birthday. The grand work of his life, you could say...
... I have dramatic actors singing for me... Nikolai Fomenko, for example, sings phenomenally. I knew him as a singer with the Secret Group but he never undertook vocal work of that kind with them. His singing in the part of Korovyev is fantastic. And Lena Minina, Misha Sershev, Andryusha Lefler, Makar, Rozenbaum, Leps.. And, indeed, Kobzon, appearing in a totally different image, and anyway, Joseph is a genuinely great singer, a true dramatic hero and a fabulous friend!

09.12.2009 Krasny Sever (newspaper, Salekhard)
From the article How Gas Producers Celebrated Another Anniversary
The scale of the celebrations on the 25th anniversary of Gazprom Production Yamburg impressed even corporate parties regulars.
After a mega-long and visually fabulous firework display a number of comfortable coaches delivered all the guests to the sumptuously decorated Gas Producers Cultural Community Centre... Before the concert the guests had time to look around and talk to each other. The man-sized top hats with white-gloved hands sticking out of them to offer sweetmeats drew everybodys attention.
Famous artists feted the guests. Incomparable Ludmila Pyemina with a ballet corps, impeccable Joseph Kobzon, fiery Sofia Rotaru, the winners of the corporate festival, The Flair.
Joseph Davydovich, incidentally, admitted feeling an antique at the Yamburgers anniversary celebrations; it turned out that he had been friends with the legendary Victor Muravlenko and Yuri Ervye. The famous singer told the adoring audiences a funny story, bowed to the breadwinners of Russia and sang a medley of songs from 25 years back all to tumultuous applause. He also assisted the singers from the North and Gazprom, Igor Kornilov and Igor Demarin, with the singing of the new hit anthem Russian Gas.

10.12.2009 Tribuna (newspaper)
From the interview by T Martynova, Im a Romantic
Nikolai Baskov is celebrating an anniversary of sorts this year: the singers video clip, In Memory of Caruso, was aired ten years ago, launching his triumphant career. The young tenor with a magnetic voice burst on to the music scene, winning an array of titles and prizes: the Golden Voice of Russia, Peoples Artist of Ukraine, the Order of Francysk Skaryna, Peoples Artist of Russia.
How many songs are in your repertoire?
About 380, to date.
And you remember all the words in them?
I do as Kobzon taught me: I start by visualizing a picture or associations with something to the music. And then the lyrics emerge in my mind...

10.12.2009 OK! Magazine
Diana Gurtskaya and Joseph Kobzon. Family Matters
They fine-tuned their duet back in summer when they first performed Kim Breitburgs poignant song Father and Daughter at the Slavic Bazaar music festival in Vitebsk. They say Joseph Davydovich was so moved by the song he could not contain his tears during the recording. And now the track dealing with the relationship between generations in the family has been shot as a video clip. Kobzon is playing the father and Gurtskaya, the daughter. The shooting took place at the dacha of Yekaterina Furtseva, former Soviet Minister of Culture.

10.12.2009 Moskovski Komsomolets (newspaper)
From the article Yoshpe and Rakhimov Will Tackle Demography
Alla Yoshpe and Stakhan Rakhimov are again preparing for joyous Hanukkah. The concert on 14th December will traditionally feature Joseph Kobzon, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Klara Novikova and other celebrities.

11.12.2009 GTRK Chita. Newsline
Joseph Kobzon on a Business Trip to the Baikal Region
Joseph Kobzon, a member of the RF State Duma, is a frequent visitor to the Baikal region. On 11th December he arrived in Chita on yet another business trip and met representatives of the regional mass media.
Since he has been representing the interests of the Aginsk Buryat electorate in the Russian Parliament for quite a few years their problems come top of his list of priorities. If his tight schedule does not permit him to sort out all the issues during a short trip Joseph Davydovichs aides are always there to receive the Aginsk citizens petitions.
Joseph Kobzon, MP: I get regular reports on the goings-on in the constituency, what issues they are facing. This is why it is not a question of getting urgent alarm signals, such as: the language or culture are under threat of extinction or that information does not get published. Therefore I do not worry, I simply lend a hand, as for example I am about to despatch 10,000 New Year gifts for children there this is my concern.
But not the only one, as the MP told the journalists. Only a year ago he was concerned about the consequences of two constituent members, the Chita region and the Aginsk Buryat district, being merged into a single administrative polity. But he now thinks time has shown that the solution was the right one.
Joseph Kobzon, MP: I was terribly worried to start with by this merger. I was against it, at first. But later, on the contrary, I urged people to vote at the referendum for unification. Why? Because I knew about a good relationship between the two regional administrations and because there are social structures in the Chita region that we lack in the Aginsk Buryat district.
According to the MP, neither national priorities nor distinctive local cultures of the two regions lost out in the process. These conclusions will be backed clearly by the presentation of a volume of the Baikal encyclopaedia on the Buryat district, the inauguration of a new secondary school in the town of Aginsk and the staging of a traditional wrestling competition. All these events on 11th December will be attended by Kobzon.

16.12.2009 Moskovskaya Pravda (newspaper)
From the article by I Kon, The Rich Are Attracted to The Republic
A bourgeois show is being prepared in the Korston Entertainment City. These are the kids that todays mothers usually describe as the right ones, regarding them as desirable models for future partners for their young varmints. Neat and smiling, with a good education and smart looks, these teenagers quickly won the affections of the middle-class audiences.
The Republic group got seriously into the limelight a couple of years ago, at the same time as, through the good offices of the groups producer, Andrei Pryazhnikov, the youngsters first met Kobzon. They were then toying with the idea of re-singing the best Soviet hits in a modern arrangement. They could not find a better man for it than Joseph Kobzon. The Maitre, who is no stranger to bold experiments (Joseph Davydovich in his own day rapped with the hip-hopper Detsl), took up the new creative alliance with lively enthusiasm. And then after a joint concert with The Republic he fell so much in love with the fiery young group that he even referred to them at a press conference as his successors on the song scene. This was the beginning.
The group joined by Kobzon sang a new arrangement of the good old song The Dress at the Chanson of the Year at the Kremlin. And they got for it the highest symbol of popular recognition, the Chanson of the Year Golden Statuette. A couple of months later the group gave a joint concert at the Variety Theatre. And once again it was a deafening success. And here we are...
Well show you Moulin Rouge! jokingly threatened the groups producer, intending the remark apparently for those who would come to see the show at the Moscow Korston Entertainment City on 21st December.
All the signs are that the group will have a special audience on the day: subtle, expensive and frightfully picky. They say that invited guests include Mikhail Prokhorov, Yuri Aksyuta, Konstantin Ernst, Joseph Kobzon and Ilya Reznik. Our agents from Rublyovka are reporting that the local mums from the Rublyovka suburb are busy smartening up their 20-year-old treasures for the show: the mellifluent boys and girls from The Republic look ever so promising on stage!

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