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01.11.2009 RIA Novosti Culture (newsline)
From L Sviridovs article, The Alexandrov Ensemble and Joseph Kobzon held Warsaw spellbound
WARSAW, 1st November RIA Novosti
Thunderous ovations hailed the end of the last concert in Poland by the Alexandrov Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army, at the Warsaw Congress Hall. The Alexandrovites are leaving the Polish capital this Sunday to return to Moscow.
THE POLES LOVE US. Tours by the famous company whose repertoire largely consists of patriotic compositions from the time of the Second World War always create a great stir in Poland.
We have dedicated our performances to the forthcoming 65th anniversary of the liberation of Poland from the Nazi invaders as 600,000 Soviet soldiers and officers lost their lives in the battles for Polands freedom, said Col Leonid Malev, head of the ensemble, in an interview with RIA Novosti. The Alexandrovites performances are always a great success in Poland but this year tickets for the whole tour were sold out two months before it started. It was a full house everywhere, with people standing in the aisles.
The audiences got so excited during the concerts that they called their friends and relatives who had not been able to come, so that they could listen to the concert on their mobiles, Malev revealed.
Pani Maria, 75, told the RIA Novosti correspondent at the Congress Hall that she had been unable to buy tickets for any Alexandrov Ensembles concerts for several years. Impossible to get tickets at the box office. My grandchildren helped me out. They bought me a ticket on the internet as I dont know how to use a computer, said the lucky ticket-holder.
In answer to RIA Novosti question why the Alexandrovites had yet again come to Poland, the head of the ensemble said, Its simple. We keep getting invited to Poland. We are loved here. The Poles appreciate our art and our top-class professionalism.
BACK IN POLAND 40 YEARS LATER. The arrival in Poland of Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon and his singing with the Alexandrovites at the Congress Hall in Warsaw was a true sensation.
It makes me proud and happy to remember the time when I won a prize at the Sopot Festival in 1964. And in 1966 I won an international contest in Warsaw. I have an affection for Warsaw, and Poland is always associated with lovely memories, said Kobzon to RIA Novosti.
The legendary Russian singer enjoyed walking about in the old part of Warsaw. I particularly love the Old City in Warsaw. I like provincial architecture.
I come from Ukraine, so this is very close to my heart. The Old City here has kept its identity, unlike our todays concrete-and-glass conurbations, Kobzon added.
Talking of the concert at the Congress Hall, he pointed out that the audience knew exactly what they had come for. Firstly, the brand of the famous Alexandrov Ensemble is in a class of its own. Secondly, the songs were dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from the Nazis.
The atmosphere was highly emotional. The concert was a success, Kobzon summed it up.

01.11.2009 RIA Novosti Culture (newsline)
From T Strakhovas article, Kobzon and Rudinstein Open the Kinotavrik Childrens Arts and Sports Festival in Sochi
The Kinotavrik Childrens Arts and Sports Festival, attended by more than 500 participants from all over the country, opened last Sunday at the Winter Theatre in Sochi, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.
Children from Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Montenegro gathered in Sochi. The economic crisis, a global one too, was created by grown-ups, whats more innocent little piggies got hurt. This is why I wish you all, but especially our young participants, sterling good health, said Mark Rudinstein, the founder of Kinotavrik and the Chief Master of the Magic Country, in his welcoming speech at the opening of the festival. Nine films have entered for Kinotavriks Contest, six of which were shot in Russia in the last two years. Boris Grachevski, artistic director of film magazine Eralash, will make his debut in big cinematography with a feature film, The Roof. Five full-length childrens cartoons are being presented by Russian, British and American directors. There will also be contests in vocals, choreography and drama. There will be no winners or losers at the festival, say the organisers. All young participants deserve recognition. As we open the ninth Kinotavrik festival, we are also extending an invitation to all of you to take part in the tenth arts and sports festival next year, said the festivals president, Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon as he welcomed its guests and participants.

02.11.2009 Events. TVC
From A Averinas report, The Ninth International Childrens Arts and Sports Festival Kinotavrik Opened in Sochi
There will be contests in vocals, choreography and drama. As usual, the winners will be chosen by a professional panel and by the young audience. CORR: Kinotavriks president is Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon. He was met at the Sochi airport by Mark Rudinstein. It is largely thanks to these two gentlemen that the childrens festival in Sochi carries on.
Joseph KOBZON: It used to be easier for me to obtain funds from businessmen but now when I approach them they all come back with the same cliché: the crisis, we regret we cant help you now. So we have to get by raising funds from the regions and municipalities. We just about scrape it together but we are not giving up.
In his opening speech at the festival, Kobzon said: I admire the festivals founder, Mark Rudinstein, who finds ways to raise money for Kinotavrik even in these very difficult times.

03.11.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda (newspaper)
From Alexander Gradskis article: Theres Only God Singing for God. The Eminent Musician Singer Turns 60
His birthday was preceded by an event that has been referred to as majestic: the premier of the opera The Master and Margarita, Gradskis new production, at the unfinished Gradksis Theatre.
I have set up a small top-class recording studio at home. 57 people are singing, about 200 musicians in the orchestra and about 100 support staff. Kobzon arrived, royally ill, stood by the microphone like a young buck and bashed it out in 90 minutes! See you, Alex! and he was gone. And this is the way they all worked.

03.11.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda (newspaper)
From P. Sadkovs article, The Musketeers Will Return To Beat Taras Bulba
The First Channel is going to fete the countrys No 1 singer in the programme, Joseph Kobzon. Yet Another Birthday. According to the programmes ad, everybody will be there to help the Maitre celebrate. Yuri Luzhkov himself is going to sing Utyosovs famous The Cabman (Channel 1, 18:10). Joseph Davydovich will at the same time sing at Alexandra Pakhmutovas anniversary gala (Russia Channel 14:20, 17:40 and 20:25). The superstar contingent turning up to wish the wonderful composer happy birthday will certainly be little different from the team singing, simultaneously, on the First Channel. Dont get confused switching the channels!

03.11.2009 Gazeta.Ru (on-line)
From the article, Kobzon: Kalmanovich May Have Died after Getting Involved in a Third-Party Conflict
The singer Joseph Kobzon, who knew Shabtai Kalmanovich, the businessman killed yesterday in Moscow, said he thought it likely that his former friend may have died because he got involved in a third-party conflict. Shabtai was not prone to quarrelling, said Mr Kobzon. He was clever, one of those who would not miss a chance to cash in on things. He may have budged in on a situation in order to sort it out. The singer was quoted by the Kommersant newspaper. According to Kobzon, he and Kalmanovich were no longer close friends. Our paths went apart due to a misunderstanding, said Kobzon. It was he who had earlier helped Kalmanovich to get out of an Israeli prison where he was serving a sentence on charges of spying for the Soviet Union, and thereafter the singer lent Kalmanovich a hand in starting up business in Russia.

03.11.2009 Vecherniy Chelyabinsk (newspaper, Chelyabinsk)
From S Grigoryevas article, Nastia Belkovskaya Is Learning to Walk on Artificial Legs
The artist Igor Belkovskys daughter, a victim of a car accident, has flown to Germany accompanied by her parents. The girl lost both legs a year ago and she is now about to get a pair of artificial ones. Joseph Kobzon helped raise funds to have them manufactured in Germany.

04.11.2009 Rosbalt (agency, St Petersburg)
From the article, Kobzon: Kalmanovichs Contract Murder Is Not the Last One In Russia
MOSCOW, 4th November. Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon believes that the contract murder of Shabtai Kalmonovich, which took place on Moscow, 2nd November, will not be the last one in Russia.
According to him, we will see more such crimes in our country. Who could have foreseen that we would return to the 1990s. People have a feeling of impunity, criminals are not getting caught, Kobzon emphasised. He shared his thoughts with the journalists after the farewell tributes to Kalmonovich today at Vidnoye in the Moscow suburbs. The well-known entrepreneur and general manager of the Russian womens national basketball team was shot last Monday. We will remind you that around 16.30 on 2nd November, 2009, a Mercedes S 500 was spotted in the road outside No 10 Novodevichy Proezd in Moscow. In the car was the body of Kalmonovich, born 1947, with multiple gunshot wounds in the head and body. The driver, Pyotr Tumanov, born 1976, with gunshot wounds in the right-hand side of his body, was taken to a Moscow hospital. His condition is not life-threatening.
It is hard to imagine who this man could have rubbed up the wrong way, Kobzon added.

05.11.2009 Vlasti Net
From the article The Leads in Kalmanovichs Murder Case: The Hit Was Contracted By Georgian Thieves In Law For His Friendship With Yaponchik
Kobzon is expecting a series of contract killings.
It was Vladimir Vysotsky who introduced me to Shabtai, says Joseph Kobzon. Kalmanovich was his concert producer. Few people know how wide was this mans range of interests. He spoke many languages, was a great connoisseur of sport and the arts. Just look at the star singers who came to say goodbye to him. Who killed Shabtai, and why? Many things are now being alleged about him. But he did not do illegal business. It was a crude and vile murder. Who could have imagined a return of the 1990s?... Shabtais death may be followed by other deaths of well-known people. We are facing another series of contract murders. Unsolved. This is frightening.

05.11.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda (newspaper)
From V Kirdyashovs article, Yuri Stoyanov: These were the best years of my life!
On Sunday, 8th November, the Russia TV channel launches a new nostalgic show. Popular artists, singers, famous sportsmen and TV presenters will present songs, fashions, films, TV, humour, trivia, dances, sports and events dating back to the period from the far-away 1950s to the modern 2000s.
This Sunday its a battle between the 1960s and 2000s. The older generation is represented by Joseph Kobzon, Sergei Kolosov, Ludmila Kasatkina, Arkadi Arkanov, Tatyana Mikhalkova, Tatyana Bulanova, Alexander Buinov, the triple Olympic and nine times world fencing champion Galina Gorokhova and the most unorthodox member of the team, Moskvich-407.

05.11.2009 IA "REGNUM" (online)
From the article, The 19th Arts Festival, The Days of Russian Culture, Came to a Close in Ivanovo
The festival closed with a concert by Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon on 4th November in the Ivanovo region. The concert programme was dominated by songs on patriotic themes. The governor of the Ivanovo region, Mikhail Men, handed Kobzon a lacquer miniature depicting the town of Ivanovo, a work of the famous Palekh craftsmen.

07.11.2009 Novi Gorod (newspaper, Surgut)
From T Samborskis article, The Countrys Going
The Day of Unity demonstrated a total lack of a national idea. In the gigantic pile of rubbish tipped on domestic audiences by the federal TV channels on 4th November, I discovered three masterpieces: a concert by Kobzon and the films, The Place of Meeting Cant Be Changed and The Three Musketeers (i.e., from 30 years back)
Kobzons concert was a true ode to the disappearing country. I think Channel One aired it by some sort of oversight. The countrys main TV channels current standard is at the level of poo-moo, piggy-wiggy. Kobzons calibre as a singer has nothing in common with the current epoch. You look at him and at Lev Leshchenko standing by his side, you hear them sing The Victory Day, How Young We Were, Hope, and you realise with horror: nothing like it has been created in our country over the last 30 years, nor will be. When it is Kobzon or Leshchenko or the late Magomaev on the stage, something evolves inside you, making you want to be brave, noble, ready for deeds of valour and to love your country, your people, everybody! Why is it that after hearing their songs you walk about humming them for days - and not just the tune but the words too? You cant go to sleep but keep on humming, over and over again, why?! But because these songs were born to stir peoples hearts. To keep the fire alive in peoples souls. So that people should not turn into monsters. Into a mob. Into scum. Which of the modern songs could stir anyone? I Want One Like Putin? Well, Putin may be stirred

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