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02.10.2009 Chelninsky Izvestia (newspaper, Naberezhny Chelny)
From E Chernousovas article, Whistle-blowers at the Hostel
Dont whistle, or youll have no money goes a popular saying. But they dont believe in prejudices at the student amateur theatricals centre, so they invite concert whistlers for auditions at 5pm every Wednesday and Saturday at University Hostel No 3. It is worth noting that many professional musicians regard concert whistling as a legitimate art form. A few years ago Joseph Kobzon, the maitre of Russian pop song, charmed by the performance of a young virtuoso whistler, spoke up at the State Duma for the official recognition of concert whistling as a legitimate music genre and declared his determination to promote it in every possible way.

02.10.2009 Chelyabinsky Rabochy (newspaper, Chelyabinsk)
From L Sadchikovas article, The Bards Identical Dreams
Oleg Mityaev held a concert and presented his book in Chelyabinsk

I am pleased that two Mityaevs Songs albums have already come out. The songs are sung by Uma Turman, Gverdtsiteli, Leshchenko, Babkina, Pesnyary and Ariel. A third disc is in the pipeline. Grisha Leps sings The Sister of Charity, Valera Syutkin, Marshrutki. The most amazing thing on it is Luzhkov and Kobzon singing How Great Us All Being Here Together with a choir. Ive got it recorded
I believe I am incredibly lucky to have met such people, Oleg says. Could I even dream that Kobzon would one day ask me Will you, Oleg, sing How Great yourself or would you mind if I sang it? How can you ask, Joseph Davidovich, it would make my day!

08.10.2009 JustMedia.Ru
Eduard Rossel is wished Happy Birthday
Joseph Kobzon, Peoples Artist of the USSR, and member of the Russian State Duma, was among the first to wish Sverdlovsk regional governor Eduard Rossel happy birthday: I rejoice with you and sincerely wish you happiness and joy for many days and years to come!

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