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01.08.2009 Belgorodskiye Izvestia (Belgorod) (1034)
From V. Shimkos article
Unusual monuments were recently unveiled on the Yalta quay, in the square in front of the Jubilee Concert Hall. Zhvanetskys briefcase, Arkanovs waistcoat and Shirvindts pipe have all been thus immortalised. This year, Kobzons microphone joined the open-air hall of fame.

04.08.2009 Chas (Latvia)
From A. Ruzhanskaya Article, Alla Forever? Yes!
Joseph Kobzon replies to the question Will Alla go?
No, never! The stage is a chronic disease. A drug! I therefore completely rule out any chance of it. As long as Alla can stay on her feet, as long as she is mobile, she will be on stage. Why all the rumours about her leaving? But can you ever stop journalists from talking? They will say whatever they like

04.08.2009 (Information Portal, Kiev)
From the article, The New Wave Discovers New Ukrainian Talent
All concert scenarios at the New Wave Contest draw on real or PR details from the live of stars . Even Joseph Kobzons cancer was woven into the show businesss fabric: he sang I Love You, Life on the second day of the contest. This was indeed a sensation as all newspapers had published reports about the singer going in for a serious operation just a week before.

06.08.2009 ITAR-TASS Urals (Information Agency, Ekaterinburg)
From the article, Moscow Bid Farewell to the Peoples Artists of Russia Zinoviy Vysokovsky
The Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon opened funeral orations for the Peoples Artist of Russia Zinoviy Vysokovsky. We are all left with unpaid debts to Zyama, he said. I rarely called him and showed little interest in the way he lived, whether he was alright, whether he got invited to concerts. I would only occasionally read his jokes and bon mots, which Vysokovsky used to love, as they got published in papers. We are all too busy but, come a tragedy like this, we feel bad, ashamed. Because you could have helped but did not. I know what depression, disease, despair feel like. This is what Zyama lived with lately. Forgive us for having failed to help you live longer.

07.08.2009 GTRK Penza. . News Bulletin
From the report by N. Karpeyeva and A. Volnikov, The Tarkhany Celebrated Its 70th Anniversary
Joseph Kobzon is a frequent guest at the Tarkhany Country Estate. He comes here every year for Lermontov Readings in early June. There was no way he would miss an anniversary of his favourite haunt in Russia. You know, when you are close to the holy tombstones or some rare objects at the museum on the estate, everything is so precious to you there is a palpable feeling that you can touch history with your own hands. The rare books, the manuscripts are priceless as they have been bringing you in contact with history, live, over a century and a half, said the Peoples Artist of the USSR.

07.08.2009 The First Crimean Newspaper (Simferopol)
From S. Palchikovs article, The New Wave Has Washed Up Jamala For Us
Joseph Kobzons appearance and his singing were the hit of the day. Kobzon came to Yurmala straight from the hospital where he had had an operation. He is still fighting a severe illness. Joseph Davydovich sang: I love you, life, and I hope my loves reciprocated. The words had symbolic meaning and the audience got up to applaud him.

08.08.2009 The Life of Tver (Tver)
From A. Ilyins article, Philanthropist: Not Just Art
The All-Russian Society for the Disabled invites nominations for the international Philanthropist Award. The unique award was devised as a symbol of a new era, an era of equal opportunities, and has proved its relevance and value.
The sixth such prize for outstanding artistic or cultural achievement by a disabled person will be awarded in 2010. More than 4,500 handicapped people from 31 countries have taken part in the competition over the last ten years. The panel of judges includes well-known artists, principals of conservatoires and academies and is chaired by the Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon.

10.08.2009 Nezavisimaya gazeta
From the article The Restore the Dignity Project Will Be Presented at the Recordative Synagogue
The presentation of Restore the Dignity, an international commemorative project to monitor mass graves of victims of Nazism will take place at the Moscow Recordative Synagogue. The project was launched in the run-up to the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. It is supported by well-known Russian cultural figures, the Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon, the composer Oscar Feltsman and the poet Vladimir Vishnevsky among others.

11.08.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda (Penza)
Joseph Kobzon To Komsomolka: I Feel Great!
Last week the Tarkhany Reserve Museum celebrated its 70th anniversary. Joseph Kobzon came specially to wish the Penza people a happy anniversary. The singer was expected a month earlier, at the annual Lermontov Festival. But he had been at the singer Liudmila Zykinas funeral and, therefore, unable to come. He had also had elective surgery at the Kashira Centre for Oncology. All went well and, just a week later, he was singing at the New Wave Competition in Yurmala. After a short while, though, Kobzon went back to the doctors. He was discharged again on the 6th of August but told that any performances were out of the question. The ban notwithstanding, he was boarding the Sura Deluxe Train that same night.
Kobzon got off at the Belinskaya Station in the town of Kamenka, Penza Region. He was staying at a country villa near Kamenka. The singer was delighted with the local cuisine, particularly the vegetable soup cooked specially for him. The illustrious guest even asked for a second helping. He was also treated to local honey and berries. Black tea without sugar was his beverage of choice.
I refuse to answer questions about my health, Joseph Kobzon said to Komsomolka. The only thing I can say is that I feel great!
After the speeches at Lermonotov Villages House of Culture, the peoples artist treated his audience to two hours of singing.
Komsomolka, with all its heart, wishes its favourite star sterling good health!

13.08.2009 (Information Portal)
From the article, Russian Jews want to have a Holocaust museum of their own too:
Well-known Russian cultural figures are involved in the international commemorative project, Restore the Dignity. Joseph Kobzon speaking at an evening gathering in the Recordative Synagogue said that there was a time when Jews were afraid to give their real names but there was a time of courageous Jews too. The number of Heroes of the Soviet Union produced by the Jewish nation! The acts of bravery committed by Jews during the Great Patriotic War! the singer emphasised.

13.08.2009 Uralsky rabochiy (Ekaterinburg)
From V. Khvaschevskayas article, Sobchak Showed Baskov And Fyodorova In Their True Colours
The return of Kobzon
Joseph Kobzon came to Yurmala with his wife, Nelly. The New Wave was the venue of the singers first performance after an operation he had in June at the Kashira Centre for Oncology, Moscow. He sang I Love You, Life, the song that he dedicated to the memory of his friend, Muslim Magomayev.
Joseph Davydovich looked his usual self, full of energy and verve. According to him, it had been elective surgery but he declined to share any further details with us.
I do not feel like talking about it or remembering it. I am sure you understand, said the artist.
It is all in the past now, Nelly Kobzon added. As you can see, Joseph Davydovich is very well and, after Yurmala, we are going to a country retreat near Moscow to recharge our batteries.

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