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17.07.2009 Moskovskaya Pravda
From the article, A Present For Lionozova
Joseph Kobzon and Dmitry Pevtsov volunteered to help the School of Redecoration Team accomplish the redecoration for the film director Tatiana Lionozovas 85th birthday.

From the article, For the Film Director Tatiana Lionozovas 85th Birthday
Thanks to the film directors unique gift to capture the invisible, Joseph Kobzon made his voice unrecognizable.
I was at a loss, didnt know what I should do. She said: Try to sing differently from Kobzon, the famous singer of The Seventeen Moments of Spring recalls.

20.07.2009 Moskovsky komsomolets
A. Melmans article, Tatiana Lionozova: The Times Need My Films
Tatiana Lionozova on Joseph Kobzon:
Joseph is a great man. He remembers the good and helps many of those life once brought him together with. He does it without being asked and seeks no publicity for it. There cannot be many like him.

21.07.2009 Moskovsky komsomolets
From T. Fedotkinas article, Joseph Kobzon Is Back In Top Shape
As Nelly Kobzon told us, her starry husband has for several months been pestered by round-the-clock phone calls, the unknown callers using extremely offensive language.
Joseph Davydovich simply could not help telling the shit-stirrers where to go, in a pure Russian idiom, was Nelly Mikhailovnas comment. Any normal man would have done the same confronted with constant nuisance callers who introduced themselves as Boris Moiseyevs director, inviting him to the steam baths and offering to rub his back for him. I tried to stop him, saying: Dont take the bait, you are being deliberately provoked to then broadcast your rebuff on the internet. There is a site where they publish unprintable sound bites from stars who have been goaded into a temper in this way. But Joseph, a man of strict integrity, was so outraged by the calls that he dropped all ceremony with the telephone terrorists!
As MK found out, the suggestion to have a steam bath was but a minor episode in a string of insults and provocations.
We got phone calls at 5 am and in the dead of night from people introducing themselves as Putins aides or Ernsts aides and spouting all sorts of gibberish, Nelly Mikhailovna continued.
Eventually, they called Joseph Davydovichs friend, the famous pediatrician Leonid Roshal, alleging that Kobzon had locked himself in a hotel room with a boy and that the child needed rescuing urgently. Can you imagine our shock, and Roshals? No words to describe it! Naturally, Joseph Davydovich turned to the FSB for help.
The security services however held out little hope for the famous artist.
They explained that telephone terrorists buy single-call cards in Baltic states, which they through away immediately after the call, so they are impossible to detect. The wife of the star sounded deeply upset. In this way honest people turn out to be helpless victims of the villains. We cannot disconnect our phones. I have an elderly mother, children and grandchildren; Joseph Davydovich is an MP and he gets a lot of phone calls, important for his work.
Nonetheless the stars appeal to the FSB did yield some results. The internet site that specialised in broadcasting the dirty language extracted from stars through such protracted harassment, has been closed down.

22.07.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda
From R. Murashkinas article, Joseph Kobzon Has Left the Intensive Care Unit
The Peoples Artist of the USSR was admitted to the Blokhin Centre for Oncology, in Kashira Highway, the day before yesterday. The news was a surprise for many of Joseph Davydovichs friends, although the singer had never tried to keep his cancer under wraps.
As we were recently returning together from Slavyansky Bazar, told us Boris Moiseyev, he was making jokes, as usual, and did not give the least sign of his intention to get himself admitted into a hospital.
My husband feels fine after the operation, Joseph Davydovichs wife, Nelly Mikhailovna, told us yesterday. The same verdict was delivered by the artists office. When we called them to ask after his health, the singer himself was talking to his assistant on another line.
You can hear Joseph Davydovich tackling urgent business issues already, she said, smiling.

23.07.2009 Rossiyskaya gazeta
From E. Ulchenkos article, The Iron Lady of Soviet Cinema
For Tatiana Lionozovas 85th birthday:
Tatiana Mikhailovna, what keeps you from throwing in the towel?
The attention of my old friends whom I will invite to my birthday party. Joseph Kobzon among them of course

24.07.2009 Pravda.RU (on-line newspaper)
From the article, Kobzon is back in Business
The Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon turned up at the State Dumas todays unscheduled meeting straight from hospital. We will remind you that MPs are currently on holiday but the Duma Council came up with the initiative to hold an extraordinary meeting today to examine the bill on setting up small innovations enterprises at universities and other scientific research institutes, which had been rejected by the Council of Federations on the 18th of July. The singer and MP Joseph Kobzon heard about the meeting when he was at the hospital. I am sure that the law will be passed. It is an extremely important bill for our young sciences, emphasised the MP. When asked about his health, Kobzon replied: Premature hopes! To remind you, Joseph Kobzon has been discharged from the hospital after an operation. He is currently attending an out-patients clinic.

28.07.2009 The Baltic Information Agency
From the article, Kobzon Will Sing At The New Wave Despite His Operation
The legendary Russian singer Joseph Kobzon arrived by train from Moscow on the first day of the New Wave Contest. Despite a recent operation, he intends to sing on the Jurmala stage, The Telegraph reports.
Yes, I have had an operation, admitted Joseph Kobzon, pointing at a large scar on his neck.
But what does it have to do with the New Wave?

From the article, Baskov Has Announced His Wedding
Joseph Kobzon, the maitre of the Russian song scene, is in Jurmala too. The legendary singer had an operation at the Kashira Centre for Oncology only a week ago.
My wife and I will go to the countryside near Moscow in August. This is where I am planning to spend my holiday. Good health is all I would wish myself. I have had elective surgery, and the atmosphere in Jurmala is lovely, salubrious air said the artist.
Kobzon sang I Love You, Life at the opening of the contest. The audience did not hide their tears of admiration for the courage of the maitre who had been fighting a severe disease for six years.

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