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16.08.2009 Echo of Moscow radio station
Live from the studio, Giya Gagua, actor, impersonator and artistic director of the X-BB Group:
- Most people cannot sing live. Joseph Kobzon, Pugachyova, Leontiev are the ones who can, they are the true masters. Joseph especially, he can sing morning till night, round the clock. No one else can do it like him. It is a Guinness record, I think. Superb!

18.08.2009 Belgorodskaya Pravda (Belgorod)
From: Make the Step
The 6th International Philanthropist Award for outstanding artistic and cultural achievement by a disabled person will be presented to the winner in 2010 Nominations are examined by a panel of highly qualified judges led by Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon.

18.08.2009 The Workers Way (Smolensk)
From: Work Like an Athlete, Compete Like a Treasurer
On the 8th of August, 2009, the 3rd Summer Olympics of the Federal Treasury were held in Smolensk.
- We now have our own sports banner and each team has a logo. The competitions always open to the Treasurers Anthem sung by Joseph Kobzon.

21.08.2009 IA REGNUM on-line
From: A Humour and Entertainment Festival Will Be Held in Moscow
An open humour and entertainment festival will be held in Moscow 16-17 September. The Vocals Panel will be chaired by Peoples Artist of the USSR Joseph Kobzon.

24.08.2009 Vecherniaya Moskva (Evening Moscow)
From: Music Is Recorded for the Day of the City at the Mosfilm Studio
Moscow will be celebrating its birthday on 5 September. The music for the Gala Concert, which is traditionally taking place on the Tverskaya Square, is being recorded at Mosfilms Tonestudio. Young groups such as graduates of the Star Factory and the Yin-Yang Group and young soloists Svetlana Krinitskaya and Igor Monoshirov will take part, and the doyen of the Russian song scene Joseph Kobzon will uphold a long-standing tradition by leading the entire square into the Moscow Anthem.

24.08.2009 Izvestia
From L. Yusipovas article, TV Presenter Leonid Yakubovich: My 11-year-old daughter does not know who Lenin is but she knows Nonna Mordiukova!
But I can name actors who have given proof of great courage. Does for instance anyone know that Kobzon has the Order of Red Star for Afghanistan? Joseph got himself into spots no other civilian would ever dare to. He sang throughout ferocious bombing and artillery attacks.

26.08.2009 Severnaya Pravda (Kostroma)
From D. Tishinkovs article, Its Just Flying Weather for Some
Pilot Sergei Simanovsky remembers the war in Afganistan:
- We provided security for Kobzon in Gunduz. He was not happy with the barrack he was to sing in. So he moved to another one. Five minutes later the first one was under a mortar attack. Joseph was immediately almost forcibly bundled into a helicopter and flown back to the USSR. He was fuming but was told firmly: We only have one Kobzon!

27.08.2009 IA Mosinform (Moscow)
From: Lessons in Tolerance
The fifth annual action, Moscow Children Against Terror, will take place on 3 September at the Moscow House of Music. The actions are sponsored by the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, the Moscow Mayors First Deputy at the Moscow Government and Director for the Social Sphere of the City of Moscow Liudmila Shvetsova, Member of the State Duma Joseph Kobzon, Professor of Medicine Leonid Roshal and many other eminent persons anxious to make their contribution to combating terrorism.

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