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02.03.2009 The Commersant The Powers
Joseph Kobzon, the singer and member of the State Duma, joined other celebrities to answer the question What is Dmitri Medvedev lacking?
- Good luck. The moment Medvedev became President Russia enjoyed a wave of major sports and music victories. The country experienced a massive swing back towards patriotism. I was wary of those victories even back then. And I was not wrong, the day of reckoning followed. Currently, the country has no time for jubilation in the middle of financial cataclysms. Putins presidency, by contrast, started with a flood and the submarine disaster but afterwards it was all upward growth.

04.03.2009 The Interlocutor
The singer Alexandr Serov on Joseph Kobzon:
- For me, Joseph Kobzon is a Maitre, a true master of colossal experience. Joseph Davydovich is 70 but, for me, he is a modern man. He can put even a 20-year-old wise on any issue.

06.03.2009 Evening Petersburg (Saint Petersburg)
Joseph Kobzon wishing all the women of St Petersburg a happy spring holiday:
- St Petersburg women are special for me. My beloved wife, Nelly, is from your beautiful city, you see. So it is my pleasure to wish her and all St Petersburg women all the very best for the lovely spring holiday of the 8th of March!

06.03.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda
Joseph Kobzon on Alla Pugacheva quitting the stage:
- At 60, in 1997, I too made a formal exit. Yes, I did stop touring. I kept the creative part of my work, of course. I do not believe Alla Borisovna will abandon her creative activities. Surely she will want to record another song or a composer will ask her to sing at a benefit evening or an anniversary celebration. I cannot see Alla Borisovna slamming the door on it for good. When an artiste announces her or his quitting, the reason is often not the fatigue. It is just that a certain capacity limit has been reached. Not a physical limit but rather a creative, a psychological one.

07.03.2009 Evening Kazan
From the article Eurovision Results Forecast.
Many believe that Valeria is the most promising contestant of the 14 winners of the Russian lap of Eurovision-2009. Joseph Kobzon agrees. She is one of the most professional singers on todays Russian pop scene. She has a distinctive style of her own and looks good, despite her age. He offered. However, she will not, in Kobzons opinion, be able to win the first prize at the forthcoming competition in Moscow. It has never yet happened for the same country to win twice in a row.

10.03.2009 Komsomolskaya Pravda
Joseph Kobzon reminisces about Jan Arlazorov:
- Jan was a man of integrity and a luminous person. He stays in my memory as radiant, full of beans Do you remember his monologue The Man? Whenever I met Jan, I would say to him How are things, man? Everybody loved him. He was gregarious by nature, full of fun. Never had any conflicts with anyone. But he would not have treatment. I tried to force him, begged him, reasoned with him. But he left this life calmly, without troubling anyone. You see, he had lived alone all his life. And he died on the eve of the Womens Day as though saying sorry to women for having paid them little attention while he lived.

11.03.2009 Evening Moscow
Joseph Kobzon has been awarded the title of an Honorary Citizen of the City of Moscow
On March 11, the Moscow City Duma awarded Joseph Kobzon, the famous Russian singer, member of the State Duma, the title of an Honorary Citizen of the City of Moscow.
Joseph Davydovich has for many years been directing a large number of charity and non-government organisations. He has been there whenever people needed help. He was not awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of 28 cities for nothing. We cannot help recalling the tragic episode at the theatre centre in Dubrovka when he went on his own to a meeting with the terrorists. RIA Novosti quotes from a speech at the Moscow Parliaments session by Valeriy Vinogradov, the Moscow Mayors deputy and his plenipotentiary representative at the Moscow City Duma.
Just to remind you: Kobzons participation in negotiations with the Dubrovka terrorists helped free 5 hostages.
According to Vinogradov, Kobzon is one of the most prominent Russian performers. He has been awarded the title of Peoples Artist of the USSR. The Soviet Union is no more but his songs can still be heard in every home. They bring people together, conveying a message of the good. Said Vinogradov.
Joseph Davydovichs nomination is unique. It is a long time since we last examined an MP as a nominee. And this candidate deserves attention and respect. Added Vladimir Platonov, Chairman of the Moscow City Duma.
Kobzon is President of the Shield and Lyre Charity Foundation which helps the families of law enforcement officers who died or suffered injury while on duty. He was instrumental in the restoration of the St Ilya Church in Krasnodar and a cathedral in Chasov Yar. Kobzon transferred significant funds for the restoration of the Christ the Saviours Cathedral and donated two icons to the Resurrection of Christ Church in Podolsk. Besides, Kobzon has been constant in providing help to Jewish people. For instance, he participates in organising festivities, and helped with obtaining land in Moscow for a Jewish cemetery.
Kobzon is a full member of the Russian Academy of Humanities, an honorary member of the Russian Arts Academy and a writing author. The list of his awards has gone into a fourth hundred, among them a Friendship of Peoples Order, St Daniel of Moscow Order, 2nd Degree, Sergei of Radonezh Order, 2nd Degree, etc.
An honorary citizen of Moscow receives a brevet, a certificate and a badge on a dark red ribbon. The names of honorary citizens and the texts of the Moscow City Dumas decrees to award the title are entered in Honorary Citizens of Moscow Book.
Incidentally, the ranks of Honorary Citizens of Moscow include Pavel Tretyakov, the founder and first trustee of the Tretyakovs Art Gallery, Prince Vladimir Golitsin, Aleksandra Pakhmutova, a composer and Peoples Artist of the USSR, Aleksiy II, the late Patriarch of Moscow and All Russias, and other citizens who have made a special contribution to the development of the Russian capital and the life of Muscovites.

12.03.2009 The Star (Perm)
From the article Starry Rosinka (Little Dewdrop)
The Rosinka Childrens Music Theatre from the Lenin Palace of Culture, Berezniki, has conquered Moscow, winning a prize at The Little Kremlin Stars, an international competition of junior creative talent. Emma Kazakova, the theatres manager, says: Our participation in the competition is largely due to Joseph Kobzon whom we met eight years ago at The Morning Star where our young artistes, Pasha Yefremov and Natasha Ovchinnikova, won prizes. Kobzon was on the panel of judges. When he later came to Berezniki on tours, he remembered our theatre. He was one of the organisers of The Little Kremlin Stars competition.

12.03.2009 Evening Moscow
From the article Farewell, Man!
Joseph Kobzon who had organised the funeral was the first to turn up at the Variety Theatre to say good-bye to his friend Jan Arlazorov.

12.03.2009 Izvestia (Moscow)
From the article by B. Stepovoy and Yu. Ignatieva, Kobzon In Bono
The list of Honorary Citizens of Moscow has been extended to include Joseph Kobzon. This was a decision made by members of the Moscow City Duma yesterday. So Moscow, in its turn, has become the 29th city (others include Bishkek, Donetsk, Poltava, Spitak, Tynda, etc) to confer the title on Kobzon.
From now on, the singer can enter the Mayors office without queuing as the status of honorary citizen entitles him to. Joseph Kobzon looked much better than many politicians in the aftermath of the Dubrovka incident, says Mikhail Moskvin-Tarkhanov, MP. He said to the terrorists during the talks: Come on, you have given me three kids, now let their mum go! Take her! the terrorist hissed back through gritted teeth.
In a couple of days, the singer will be handed a certificate and a badge, under the citys standard in the Mayors White Hall.
Kobzon will acquire a priority right to be seen by Moscow Authorities officials, the right to get information from the authorities as required in his work for the benefit of the city, the right to attend Moscow City Duma sessions and official events. And the right to an honorary increase of his retirement pension to the tune of 15,000 roubles a month.

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