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Son Andrei

From the booklet published for Joseph Kobzon’s 70th birthday

I have not been able to stop marvelling at his energy for all of 33 years now. I once tried to live for one week in his mode, following him round by air, by road. I was laid up as a result. It is impossible. No president, let alone any other lesser beings, lives to such a schedule. It is people like him who hold the fort of moral and ethical standards. Therefore, I regard any accusations against him as not merely hurtful but outside any law. I wish everyone to live to his age and still keep his kind of almost childish spontaneity, his sense of humour but at the same time grow at least half as wise and righteous. He is kind to a fault. I do not want and cannot imagine life without my father. I wish him sterling health, joy and no peace, ever, - he could not stand it!

With love and devotion,
Your son, Andrei

* * *

- I want to say Father is a true man, there aren’t many of them left. He is a model for any young lad of today, of what to strive to. I don’t think I am likely to achieve this…
- Are you serious?
- Oh, yes, I am serious. He is magnificent. He is cool. He is strong. He is talented. He is great. A man.
- You respect him?
- Yup.
- You love him?
- Naturally.
- Scared of him?
- But why, no! I respect him!

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