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Joseph always looked after me, as I was the youngest in the family. For example, when I had trouble getting into music school in my home town (Dnepropetrovsk), Joseph arranged for me to be heard in the Gnesin School of Music in Moscow. The Gnesin School wrote to a school in Dnepropetrovsk, recommending me. I couldn't stay in Moscow and attend the Gnesin School as I was only a child then. And so, thanks to my big brother I became a musician. After I finished school, Joseph again arranged for me to be heard by the Gnesin School, and I came to Moscow to study under the country's best choir master A.A. Yurlova. At the age of 19, while I was still a first year student, I was teaching music theory and choir at the Art's College in Himkah (near Moscow). Our choir later won the regional choir competition among 330 other schools. We even performed in a government concert in the Ministerial Hall. Overall, I worked as a musical teacher for 33 years.
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