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Interesting facts

Joseph Kobzon is noted for his untiring capacity for work and extraordinary courage.

He has conducted a record-breaking number of concerts per day — 12.

His farewell concert was his longest - it started at 7.00pm and ended at 7.40am the next day.

He frequently undertakes more than 40 flights a month.

He has recorded over 3000 songs.

He performed 9 times in Afghanistan during military operations.

He was the first to put together a performance group, which visited many “military hot spots”.

He was the first to carry on negotiations with terrorists during Nord-Ost Moscow theatre siege.

He was the first to perform in Chechnya after the war.

He took part in the children’s singing competition in front of Stalin.

He was repeatedly touring with concerts across Russia and former USSR.

A monument to Joseph Kobzon has been erected during his life-time in Donetsk, in Chasiv Yar (his birthplace). A street has been named after him, and a museum opened in his honour, in Chasiv Yar.

He went on tour to more than 100 countries through his stage career.

He has been entered in the “Book of records of Russia”— as the most awarded artist of the 20 century.
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