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  1. Hero of Socialist Labour
  2. Order of St Sophia
  3. Order of St Stanislav
  4. Order of the Star of Creation
  5. Order of Peter the Great
  6. Order of St Nicholas, 1st Degree, 01.09.07
  7. Medal of Charity, from the Moscow Peace Fund
  8. Commendation for Donations to and the Adornment of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, from the Moscow Patriarchate
  9. Doctor at the International Academy of Sciences in San Marino
  10. Patron of the Arts Order
  11. State Prize of the USSR
  12. Byt Cossack Order of Russia
  13. People’s Artist of the USSR
  14. Order for the Revival of Russia in the 21st Century
  15. Veteran of Labour Medal
  16. Veteran of Combat Operations Medal
  17. Soviet Peace Fund Medal
  18. Order of Chernobyl Cross
  19. Labour & Motherland Medal, 1st Degree
  20. Order of White Eagle
  21. Friendship of Nations Order
  22. Order of Merit for the Motherland, 3rd Degree
  23. Order of Merit for the Motherland, 2nd Degree
  24. Order of Merit, 3rd Degree, from the President of Ukraine
  25. Order of Merit, 2nd Degree, from the President of Ukraine
  26. Order of Honour & Valour
  27. Order of Honour, Creativity and Charity
  28. The Star of Alexander of the Neva Order
  29. Order of St Sergei of Radonezh, 2nd Degree
  30. International Order of St Nicholas the Miracle Worker
  31. International Order of St Constantine the Great
  32. Order of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Saint Nestor the Chronicler, 1st degree
  33. Ukrainian Orthodox Church Order of Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles, 1st Degree
  34. Order of Courage
  35. Order of St Prince Daniel of Moscow
  36. Order of St Mesrop Mashtots of the Republic of Armenia, 1st Degree
  37. Dostyk (Friendship) Order for Contribution to Promoting Friendship between the People of Russia and Kazakhstan
  38. Glory to Shokhrat Order (Azerbaijan)
  39. Order of Honour, from the Non-Government International Council
  40. Service to the Arts Order
  41. Order of Golden Joseph
  42. Honorary Citizen of the City of Moscow
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