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Vladimir Putin, chairman of the government of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
Please accept my congratulations on your birthday and my very best wishes!

Millions of people in Russia and far beyond its borders know and love your art which has long, and of right, become an unalienable part of our culture, a true jewel in our cultural treasury. Your songs constitute an epoch in the history of our country. They do not age nor lose their popular appeal and are, as ever, charged with energy, optimism and emotional warmth.
You stand out as a man of an amazingly strong character and a responsible citizen’s position. You play an active role in the work of our legislature and in the implementation of urgent educational and charitable projects.

Wishing you prosperity, success and all the very best for you and your family,
Vladimir Putin
12 september 2009

Dmitry Medvedev, president of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
Please accept my congratulations on your birthday and my sincere wishes of good health and further achievement in your art!

Possessed of an outstanding personality and multifaceted gifts, you cast your lot in with the national song industry to become its uncontested maitre. The songs you sing – be they modern compositions or tunes of years past – are vibrant with genuine emotions, projecting a message of the highest moral and civic standards. They touch and engage the people’s hearts and are loved by various generations in our country.
It is encouraging that your birthday is yet another occasion for you to launch challenging artistic intiatives. You are carrying on with your work, setting younger performers an example of selfless devotion to art.

Wishing you and your family happiness and good luck,
Dmitry Medvedev
11 september 2009

Sergei Mironov, chairman of the federation council of the federal assembly of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,

Happy birthday to you! your life is an example of true devotion to your country and your chosen vocation. You achieve a happy marriage of concert touring with parliamentary and public functions, winning ample recognition in the professional and governmental spheres as well as the sincere love and trust of millions of fans of different ages and generations.
Wwishing you and your family good health, prosperity and success in the implementation of all your plans and ideas,

Sergei Mironov
10 september 2009

Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
Please accept my congratulations and my very best wishes on the occasion of your 70th birthday!

This is a big day for all the admirers of your talent, for everyone who knows, loves and treasures you as a magnificent artist and a true citizen. You are, of right, recognised as the maitre of national song industry. The light of your talent has been shining undimmed throughout your career and you keep delighting your fans with your wonderful songs and your surpassing performing and vocal artistry. Deepest respect is also due to you for your civic contributions, for your will to help people and to promote the interests of our country.

Wishing you good health, further achievements and all the very best,

Vladimir Putin
11 September 2007

Aleksey II, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia
My dear Joseph Davydovich,
Warm congratulations on a special day in your life – your 70th birthday!

Having, from your early years, placed yourself in the service of art and pursued a career full of adventures, trials and tribulations, you have achieved impressive results, becoming a famous, and much-loved, Russian singer and public figure. The Lord destined you to accomplish and to endure a great deal over the years but, whatever the circumstances, you always proved to be a model of integrity, honesty and dedication to your vocation. You are carrying on with your inspired service of the Motherland today in the capacity of the Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
Through your art, words of wisdom and acts of kindness you are using the talent God gave you to spectacularly demonstrate your love for Russia, your commitment to high moral standards and your faith in the great spiritual strength of our people. Your generosity, charity, openness and solicitude for people have won you well-deserved authority and recognition, both in our country and beyond.
I have been extremely pleased to see fruitful cooperation developing over the recent years between the cultural profession and the Russian Orthodox Church, which translates into joint endeavours to preserve and increase our vast historic, spiritual and cultural heritage.
Valuing very highly your personal contribution to the promotion of this cohesion, which is so much needed today, I sincerely wish you, dear Joseph Davydovich, bodily strength, patience, creative inspiration and God’s help in your continued efforts for the benefit of great Russia.

God bless you and preserve you in good health and wellness for many happy years to come!

Yours sincerely,
Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia
7 June 2007

Kurmanbek Bakiev, president of the Kyrgyz Republic
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of your 70th Birthday and the 50th Anniversary of your artistic career!

Your name is linked indelibly with a whole epoch of Soviet and Russian culture. Your talent won the hearts of millions of people in Kyrgyzstan where your art is sincerely appreciated.
Thank you for inviting me to your concert but, unfortunately, my busy work schedule makes me unable to attend.
I wish you further success in your artistic career, sterling good health, happiness and prosperity!
I hope to be able to see you during your sojourn in our republic.

Yours sincerely,
Kurmanbek Bakiev

Sergei Mironov, chairman federation council federal assembly of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
Sincere congratulations on your 70th Birthday!

A talented artist and an outstanding politician, you are making a significant contribution to the development of Russian culture. Millions of people admire your vocal art that you have made so compelling through unique performing artistry, intense emotional charge and sincere, immediate rapport with the audience. Your songs speaking of the memory of generations and love of Motherland have become part of national folklore and will forever remain timeless. A combination of professionalism, compassion and inexhaustible energy enables you to successfully tackle essential issues at the State Duma, helping to develop and improve the Russian legislative framework.
I wish you good health, continuing success in your parliamentary activities and new artistic achievements. Happiness and prosperity for you and your family!

Sergei Mironov

Mikhail Fradkov, chairman of the government of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
please accept my congratulations on your 70th birthday!

Your name, the name of a fabulous artist, is well-known in our country. You are in a class of your own, with your superb performing artistry, sensitive treatment of the lyrics and commitment to getting across the song’s message.
An eminent cultural figure, you give a lot of your attention to the urgent issues involved in the preservation and enhamcement of our cultural heritage.
I wish you good health, success with the implementation of your artistic plans and all the very best!

Mikhail Fradkov,
10 september 2007

Dmitry Medvedev, first deputy chairman of the government of the Russian Federation
Dear Joseph Davydovich,
Sincere congratulations on your 70th birthday!

Your art enjoys well-earned recognition both in Russia and abroad. You are justly perceived to represent an epoch in the russian song industry. You are at the same time celebrating the 50th anniversary of your artistic career.
Your repertoire is extraordinarily large. But there is one theme that cuts across it: the memory theme. The memory of generations, a subject that appeals to your multimillion audiences.
I am sure that you have a great deal of work ahead of you, both in the artistic and public fields!
I wish you and your family good health, inspiration and good cheer!

Yours sincerely,
Dmitry Medvedev
11 september 2007


Joseph Davydovich

The prize is awarded
For outstanding achievement in vocal arts,
A significant contribution to the moral and spiritual
Advancement of the society
and a wide range of civic contributions

Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow

Mayor or Moscow’s Decree No 88-UM,
11 September 2007

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