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Download the booklet, issued for the 70th Birthday Anniversary of Joseph Davydovich Kobzon. — Joseph Kobzon Official Web Site. It wasn't his idea to make his official site. This is a non-commercial website, designed to provide the readers with important and current information about Joseph Kobzon. If you wish to share information, you can do so by mailing a letter to the State Duma of Russia, addressing it to Iosif Кobzon.

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Добрые дела

Mikhail Gorbachev (former president of the USSR)

To me, Iosif Kobzon’s work is, above all, the story of several generations of our vast Motherland, told with great emotion and skill. He can rightly be regarded as one of the founding fathers of the culture of Sovi...

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A message from Lyubov ……., who was led out of the Dubrovka theatre siege by Iosif Davydovich

At my home, any time Iosif Davydovich appears on TV, everyone gathers round as if it’s a roll-call. “Our godfather’s on TV!” they exclaim. Katya and Yeska are transfixed by what’s happening...

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